Who It’s For

Dolby Laboratories commissioned StudioStudio to create an experiential installation for their new HQ in San Francisco.

We wanted to create an experience that evoked awareness of the present moment through visualizing real time motion within a volumetric display. The sculpture represents sound and visualizes motion through light. 

Why We like it 

Moment was an ideal project for us. It’s a moving, large scale experience with lots of intricate parts, which serves as a wonderful allegory for collaboration in general, and parallels with Dolby’s concept of bringing disparate creations together to make one inspiring space. Being able to work alongside other talented artists cultivated an environment of focus and passion, and we believe that the warm, comforting glow of that contagious energy is reflected in the piece.

how we made it

We worked with fabricators, designers, and developers to create our wavy wall of macro-pixels. The sculpture was designed and modeled in Cinema 4D. In total, the sculpture contains over 70,000 individually addressable LED pixels within 576 laser cut acrylic cubes extruding from the wall, creating an interactive volumetric display. The lights are controlled by 80 Fadecandy controllers, 4 Raspberry Pis, and a Mac Mini. Two cameras in the space search for the motion of passers-by to trigger the four different scenes: Particle, Artifact, Tone, and Random

who worked on it

We were also really fortunate to have some help from the OooShiny! community in SF. Really thankful for Stephanie, John Steinberg, and Blabber Bytes for coming out day after day to help cut, solder, and wire!

who's talking about it

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