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What it is

Gifbooth! is the insanely fun evolution of your typical photo booth. It captures motion instead of still photos, making the end result something much more interesting than a regular image. And it’s not just the experience that’s improved: anyone who wants to rent or own a Gifbooth! gets a suite of “filters” to use in their GIFs, including custom animations and dynamic branding created by our team.

How it works


Gifbooth! is completely portable and customizable, so once it’s in a space, it’s ready to go. Users just select a filter, press a button, and voila! A gif is born. From there, well, the souvenir loop can go anywhere you want! A designated social account, mobile messaging, or to your online gallery, where visitors can share through their own social channels even more. 

what we like about it

Everybody has been to an event with some sort of photo booth setup, but the experience is a bit old hat at this point. Funny face. Click. Sexy face. Click. With Gifbooth!, you capture an entire moment, which can either turn those planned poses into something more exciting and shareable, or even better, catch authentic, heartwarming interactions between friends and coworkers.


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