Studio Studio combines art, design, and creative technology practices to create experiential art installations and new media technology. Founded on collaboration, we believe innovative work comes from a culmination of ideas under a common vision. We are passionate about the future. Studio Studio was an inaugural member of the New Museum's Art & Tech Incubator: NEWINC.

Due to our previous experiences in digital agencies and technology companies, some colleges and past clients have recommended us to encourage challenges in developing it solutions to solve business problems. This has allowed us to open offices in Atlanta [US] and in Bogota [Colombia] where we invite the best talent that we have met during our carriers and grow together with sustainable principles.










Pablo Gnecco is an experiential artist and motion designer from Bogota, Colombia living in New York City. Gnecco founded Studio Studio to create and collaborate with like minded artists, designers, and engineers to dream up site-specific interactive installations and immersive experiences. Gnecco has exhibited in galleries and public spaces in Atlanta, New York City, Boston, and Bogota. His work has been featured in online publications such as Fast Company, PapermagThe Creators Project, Design Milk, and more.


Nate Turley discovered a love for media technology and human computer interaction while earning his B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Colorado. Since then, he's spent his time developing and installing interactive work around the world with the Emerging Experiences group at Razorfish. He now leads the technology side of Studio Studio, developing new capabilities and exploring emerging technology.


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